2016 Team Member - Lorena Rodriguez

As a Medical Assistant with Balboa Nephrology Medical Group for 25 years, I have seen the time that dialysis takes from our patients. Dialysis takes time away from their families and their work and their dreams.

I also saw how our doctors worked to care for our pre-dialysis patients. I wanted to step up to the plate and help make a difference. For two years I considered donating a kidney, but didn’t. I asked myself, what would happen to me if I donated a kidney? What would happen if I didn't? I realized this was something I needed to do and once a made my decision there was no looking back.

My plan was to donate a kidney and go on my merry way. But the more I shared my story, the more I realized that I was still helping people on dialysis by raising awareness for organ, eye and tissue and inspiring others to give.

My dream job was to be a stand up comedian or a rock star, but I always considered myself too shy to stand up on stage. I never found my voice, until now. Now I advocate and educate for organ donation so more patients can have time with their families and their work and their dreams.

It's a wonderful thing, finding my voice and making a difference. Five years later, giving a kidney is still the best decision I've ever made.

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